Sunday, August 6, 2017

This poem was recently revised, and due to formatting problems has been re-posted out of chronological order.

U-Turns and Hard Lefts
Aug 10 2006

How far you can go in a straight line
without stopping.
It would be bald prairie, or salt flats,
with policemen, at the cross-roads, holding traffic back
in white immaculate gloves,
until you coasted to a stop
as far as you got
on a full-tank.

Except there are no straight lines or straightaways
on a round planet;
where all roads are bent,
and the shortest distance between two points
runs underground.
And anyway, U-turns and hard lefts
always keep things interesting.

Like questions you ask, you really want answered.
Or going so fast, it no longer matters.
Or swallowing your fear, and taking your chances
with hard women
in after-hours bars,
or strong drink
and even faster cars,
or leaps of faith in darkness.

Because when the entire universe is curved
you can drive, hell-bent-for-leather
or let it ride, and take forever
and still return

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