Sunday, August 6, 2017

This poem was recently revised, and due to formatting problems has been re-posted ojut of chronological order. 

To Whom it May Concern
Aug 1 2010

To whom it may concern.
The statue arrived, finally,
nice work, good Italian marble.
But one arm was broken-off,
and who knew
it came without paint.

I could swear I ordered Aphrodite;
is it possible you sent Venus
by mistake?
I know, I know
one man’s goddess of Love
is another man’s harlot;
and Beauty’s just a social construct,
women oppressed
by the unreal expectations of men.

It will cost an arm and a leg
(an arm huh!)
to ship it back.
And as it is, the thing adds some class
to our garden nook,
all those gnomes and whirligigs,
the fountain with the pissing sprites
my wife insisted on.

So please forward, posthaste
a partial refund, in my name,
to general delivery

etc . . .

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